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Behold my 2009 Blog Avatar!

Greetings everyone!

Let’s take a trip back to memory lane. I got into blogging around 2004 when the blog and photo-sharing website Multiply still existed. Aside from Friendster, Multiply was an avenue for me to share stuff that I want to share (though most of the time it was more on the personal experiences rather than the journalistic type of writing that I do).

Fast forward to 2009, I established Heartless Eponine (http://heartlesseponine.wordpress.com) to share stuff about anything that I like from Anime, Manga, Yuri, Games, and so on. To be honest, my inspiration for writing and be very open to write about these things was from a blog called Yasashii Sekai (http://yasashiisekai.wordpress.com) which was one of my primary sources for updates and information about a certain yuri manga that I was following way back.

Every good thing has its end when my blog was reported for unexplained reasons. Everything went down the drain and I went on a writing hiatus. After finding an old .xml file of my blog archives, I made a new blog (which is this one) and imported all my blog articles.

As of now, this blog has gained a total of more than 40,000 views and it has been a great ride. But for now, I think it’s about time that I have to leave this haven and transfer everything into a new home. Though WordPress has given great features for bloggers like myself, but I realize that it’s time to go different this time. I wanted something simple and to test my patience with a new blogging platform that I’m not really used to.

Time for the Curtain Call
Time for the Curtain Call

Yes, you guys know where this is going: I’m closing this blog for good but I’m transferring everything in a new blogsite. I am confident that I can update as greatly as before and I can post whatever I like without the complications that I might encounter. And for the record, I had enough of these “anonymous white knights” reporting my blog for violations of WordPress’ Terms and Conditions when in fact, the certain blog post in question never mentioned organizations or individuals.

Putting that minor negativity aside, from the bottom of my cat-loving heart, thank you guys for following this blog! I am not a perfect writer, reviewer, and critic. At least I have done my best to share what I want to share with people with the same interests. Cheers to more awesome stuff in the future!

Best Regards,

Heartless Eponine